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SPM is the proud host of the Miss Teen and Miss Jr. Teen Hawaii State Pageants and The Tiny, Little, and Junior Miss Hawaii Princess State Pageants. Each year, our contestants gain confidence, learn valuable communication skills, make friends, get involved in their communities, and compete for a chance to win over $30,000 in prizes. Our titleholders also have the chance to represent Hawaii at the National American Miss Pageant in Los Angeles, California. Our pageants celebrate girls who are ambitious, driven, passionate, and care about their communities. 

become a contestant!

Represent Your Area - One contestant is selected to represent an area/city for the given year. Win the crown and you represent the STATE title!  You'll have the opportunity and option to go forward as a state appointed titleholder to a national pageant in Los Angeles. All direction and guidance provided by SPM.


Win Cash and Prizes - Over $10,000 in cash and prizes given away per Pageant! Scholarship Pageants are a great way to pay off college tuition costs down the road. Special awards for community service, straight A's, Photogenic, Congeniality and more!


Make a Difference - Using your title, you can be the change you want to see in issues that matter most to you. Become a role model for others!


Gain Experience - Enhance your resume, make new friends, build confidence, interview, and social skills and develop stage presence. Special appearances for all contestants. Parades, events, fashion shows and more for our Queens!


Create Opportunities - Networking opportunities! Stand out in a crowd because you took advantage of this opportunity.

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